Smart Workouts for Women Of All Ages

At ShapeWorks, our fitness studio is committed to providing a service which enables you to maintain or increase your level of fitness and wellbeing in approximately 40 minutes a day by using a series of safe and gentle supported exercise machines.

The benefits are numerous: Toning up & reducing cellulite, strengthening core muscles, improving flexibility & circulation, alleviating stress & body aches, and also helping you to rehabilitate after illness or surgery.

Keeping in shape doesn’t have to involve strenuous exercises at the gym! Regardless of your fitness level or age group, you can gently tone and shape up whilst rebuild muscle strength, mobility and flexibility through a series of safe and gentle supported exercises using power tone plus pilates. But don’t take our word for it – we encourage you to drop by our studio for a complimentary workout. You will feel the difference right after your first session!